Art Conference

Title: Art Conference
Date of Creation: 2004 commission
Location: 6801 Gaylord Pkwy – Interior TSG

I know that I am friends with many of the artists in the Texas Sculpture Garden, and their art has always inspired me. The design in these three panels replicates and makes reference to the form and design in other works in the collection.” - Polly Gessell  

About the Artist:

Polly Gessell lives and works in Dallas, Texas.  A respected glass artist, she was commissioned to create dramatic glass walls nationally for Stephan Pyles’ restaurants. She works with glass including blasting, casting, and carving of individual custom pieces. In her three-section glass wall, commissioned by Hall Financial Group, for the company’s conference room, she makes reference, through her design, to the work of several of the artists in the Hall collection.

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