Maternal Caress

Title: Maternal Caress
Date Creation: 2000
Location: 6801 Gaylord Parkway – Exterior TSG

“Maternal Caress is a sculptural homage to represent the loving relationship that forms between a mother and her child. A special and unbreakable bond that only a mother and her offspring can truly experience. The mother envelops the child not only with her powerful body, but also with large gentle hands that conveys a feeling of love, loyalty, and protectiveness. Her gaze to her left suggests guardianship and hope for the future. The child, with both arms stretched out holding on to his mother’s shoulders and gazing in the same direction suggests a time when the child will take care of and protect his mother.” - Eliseo S. Garcia, Artist

About the Artist:

Eliseo S. Garcia lives and works in Farmers Branch, Texas. He works with both metal and stone, but primarily stone, his favorite being Texas limestone or Carrera marble.

He has won many public art competitions including a monumental public art work for the DART Westmoreland Station; two works for the City of Irving public art projects; Parkland Hospital’s Women’s and Children Building, and was selected by the Irving Art Center for their important sculpture in the park program. Mr. Garcia was selected as designer/sculptor for the prestigious Bill and Angela Barret Award for Living Kids. He has been featured in many gallery and museum exhibitions regionally.

Eliseo Garcia is represented by the Downey Gallery.