Poetry Series II

Title: Poetry Series II
Date Creation: 1998
Location: 6801 Gaylord Parkway – Interior Texas Sculpture Garden

“The visual arts and reading have a great commonality in their ability to transport the participant to a place where the spirit is elevated and upon careful listening, the soul can be heard. My intention with this particular work is to create an environment for an urban setting to facilitate this wondrous and integral process of our lives.” - Roger Colombik, Artist

About the Artist:

Roger Colombik lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and artistic collaborator Jerolyn. His sculptures address a range a conceptual interests that include composing environments of poetic repose in public spaces and the transformative nature of journeys, both inward and external. The universal intent is to soften the flight of time for the viewer. Educated in art foundry programs at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and University of Illinois – Champaign he continues to explore the material and conceptual possibilities of casting and fabrication.

In addition to his studio practice he has spent over two decades studying regions of the world that are transitioning to civil society. Socially engaged projects are undertaken in milieus where traditions and cultural heritage collide head-on with westernization and government malfeasance. The work incorporates oral history archives, photography, publications and intervention. Republic of Georgia, Burma and Armenia are a few of the countries that he has engaged in his research.

Roger is in his 29th year of teaching sculpture at Texas State University.

Web site: www.rogercolombik.com www.colombik.tumblr.com