Time Management

Title: Time Management
Date Creation: 2004
Location: 6801 Gaylord – Exterior Texas Sculpture Garden

“Time…it’s about how each of us makes choices about how we live…too few carving away a share for repose.” - Zad Roumaya, Artist

About the Artist:

Zad Roumaya is a Texas artist, residing in Dallas. His art ranges from metal and aluminum sculpture, to pen and ink drawings, acrylic renderings, architectural art, and poetry.
A sampling of his projects over the last 5 years include commerical sculpture commissions, loft design, exterior architectural drawings and custom fabrication, vintage hotel restoration, and graphic design.

In 1999, he established his studio, Change Chamber Studios, acquiring and restoring a 1950 era structure on South Akard Street, in ‘The Cedars,’ south of downtown Dallas. The building was slated for demolition but has, over the last four years, become a place where art, creativity, and business merge- hosting creative sessions, art shows, musical performances, and private events.

Originally from San Antonio, his professional art career began in 1997, after 15 years of commercial business and travel. Mr. Roumaya is a self-taught artist and is the first in his family to be born in the United States.