Texas Sculpture Garden

Texas Sculpture Garden Art Map


Location, Fees and Facilities

Gaylord Parkway at the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco, Texas in HALL Park. The Texas Sculpture Garden is located just outside of and within the lobby of 6801 Gaylord Parkway. The Sculpture Garden is free to the public. Restrooms and drinking fountains are accessible during business hours within 6801 Gaylord Parkway.


Enjoy the Texas Sculpture Garden on your own by picking up a map in the lobby of 6801 Gaylord Parkway, the map contains both the Texas collection as well as the national and international HALL Collection. At HALL Park you will find more than 150 pieces of art throughout the development.

Respect the Art

The Texas Sculpture Garden is a private collection that has been generously made available for the public’s enjoyment. While we allow and encourage photography of these important works for non commercial purposes, please refrain from touching, leaning, sitting or climbing on any of the artwork within the development.


Outside artwork: Open daily dawn till dusk.  Interior artwork open weekdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Should your group visiting the sculpture garden contain more than 20 people we ask that you call ahead to let us know you will be visiting in order to coordinate should another large group be visiting on the same day. Please contact HALL Park at 972-377-1100 or send an email.

Texas Sculpture Garden | HALL Park
6801 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034